To Gear Up : Outfits to Go

From the usual shorts and jeans from long time ago, I graduated to  wrinkle free and roll-able comfortable clothes when traveling. I realised that checking in and getting out of the airport take a lot of time when you have a check-in bag. With the travel light fares, moreover, it is wiser to pack lightly for one’s bag to fit in the overhead bin.

Gone are the days with my suitcase or a large backpack filled with denim jeans (or shorts) and large bottles of toiletries (or shall I call my bathroom buddies) . It is all about minimal weight and size of luggage without looking and smelling blah. Hey, even when I take my 4 wheel lightweight trolley with me for business travels, I still go with the “roll and wear” (and if sun permits, wash) outfits. I just pack a shawl. And wear the blazer to be business looking.

As of late, I pack a dress or two for informal work related trips (meetings, workshops) and those scheduled getaways. A dress is light, flowy and easy to pack. I scored my go-to dresses from St. Francis Square and tiangges all over the metro. When attending a formal business event, however, I go a bit beyond the tiangge quality (Hello, Dorothy Perkins when on sale!)

Dresses that have travelled alot with me

Dresses that travelled alot with me

Sometimes, it is more comfortable to wear pants especially if you go running around. But hey, no denims still! I go gaga over cropped slacks that can be dressed up or toned down. And I got the jeggings that are not too tight for those cold wait in the airport.

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

What do you pair with your bottoms? Since knitted is too hot this summer, I go lacy and cottony. Just don’t forget to wear something underneath to avoid being racy.

Look, no wrinkles!

Look, no wrinkles!

Of course, when being on field —out in the sun, my ever reliable dry fit airy polo comes in handy. Not the most fashionable especially if I am wearing my arm protector but hey, it is very comfortable when you’re under the scorching sun.

Cool. Easy to dry.

Cool. Easy to dry.

Opposite for this is my other favourite – a heat tech shirt I got from Uniqlo. It was supposed to be a undershirt for guys but the v-neck and the comfort it promises paved the way for my loyalty to the brand :).

Unless I am going to the mountains, I always have my swimwear with me. I got this habit since my first job because you can never tell when an opportunity to dip in a pool or beach comes after a stressful day “in the office.”

Now, roll em and voila – you are all set.

What about you, what are your on-the-go clothes?


Gearing Up: Gorillapod

It is not another Stitch plush toy, for one. Although I got hold of a new Stitch – the biggest of all my collection with blue fur and soft paws (the others had something that looks like felt paper).

It’s actually a Gorillapod that I’ve been eyeing since I read it from shopcrazy at femalenetwork last December (along with Asus eeepc) as great buys for the holiday season. Yeah, I am way behind the holiday season.

I really wanted a tripod that can fit into my not so large bag so that when kodak moment is within striking distance, I just can plop the digicam somewhere sabay pose. Yeah, I love to take photos but sometimes, I also want to be in the picture. But the Gorillapod does that and more. You can bend, flex and position it on uneven ground for a unique pic orientation

Here is a sample of what it looks like …

We’ll see if it can hang tough on limestones on our Coron trip next month.