Three Years of Togetherness

Back in April, I got a notification from WordPress informing me that I have been with this platform for three years now. Wow! I started blogging back in 2005 but it was more of a “dear diary” slash blow by blow account of all my travels and everything Kpop. Just imagine that I started in Multiply and graduated to Blogger and then jumpshipped to WordPress. My relationship with WP is better than ever. Hey, I got the WP app in smartphone!

Hestory. History.

Hestory, now a history. I was so addicted with kpop back then

Three years of maintaining this blog taught me to :

  1. Write about what you love. I don’t force myself to write something just for the sake. I feel that if I want to share something, it is straight from the heart. Right now, it is all about travels because sometimes, photos shared in Facebook or Instagram are not enough to describe what it feels like to have that first taste of cendol , the feel to be in one of the Turtle Islands or the feel to be with fellow tennis fans during the Sydney Open.

    Braving the summer heat for the Sydney Open at the Sydney Olympic Park

    Braving the summer heat for the Sydney Open at the Sydney Olympic Park

  2. Be open to suggestions. I am not your best in English blogger. I consult my besty if I what I wrote made sense. I am such a scatterbrain (most times sometimes) that my thoughts are all over. Good thing, I got my own personal editor. Cheers to you, Besty!
  3. KISS. I try to keep it short and simple because I might traumatise the reader. Similar to my albums in Facebook, I don’t load the photos (or ideas) in one go because this can scare the viewer/reader. As much as possible, I don’t use high falluting words (heck, my vocabulary is limited anyway. Those words from SAT reviewers went down the drain over the years).

I foresee that I will be writing more. Topics will be varied. Blurred photos will be less. Stories that will inspire. Definitely, posts that will not bore you to tears.

A Brand New Day

A Brand New Day

P.S. How timely that this is my 100th post! Yay!


My 35th List

I celebrated my birthday a few days back. Out in the field. And if the circumstance is a sign, that means I will be traveling more for years to come. This entry will not be so much about travel (although it will touch some places here and there) but what I resolve to do for the next year. Naks, it is my post New Year resolutions post!

1. Spend more time with family. I haven’t been with them physically for the last months so this day onwards, either I come visit them or they visiting me (at my expense, of course, for mi familia).

2. Meet-ups with long lost amigas. I may not have a big circle of friends but my closely knit katropas are one of a kind. I have the college group, the gizzards, the famous WNG, my MIC family and maybe the Sydneysiders eventually. The outpouring of “I miss you” in their birthday greetings made me realize that I’ve been MIA for so long. Oh my, where have I been?

3. Save more. I am not referring to the grocery chain but actually saving up for the rainy days and some important payments (err, visa payments or plane tickets, perhaps).

4. Lose some inches. For vanity, yes. For no.3, yes since I won’t end up buying new clothes.

5. Eat healthy. I have to say no to soda! And other sweet treats being thrown my way. I know it is bad but I have to think that I got the high sugars so as to stop me devouring another devil’s cake or cheesecake. Okey, maybe the cheesecake and occasional very dark chocolate will do. After the Not to Eats, I will embrace veggies, fruits and white meat all over again.

6. Be financially healthy. I almost started the year right until I started purchasing “magandang pang-travel” stuff by February. Girl, you need to act fast!

7. Read more, Learn more.With new work comes new learnings. Or some sort of a refresher course on ENR economics and financials and green economy. Wish these stuffs were written by Jessica Zafra.

8. Fight stage fright. I’m not into performing arts but I think this is in my job order.

9. Build a new Travel List. I am 3/4 of my 4 places to see before I die. I think I need to come up with another list to keep that feet the neverending itch.

10. Love some more. I love my life. I love myself. I think it is high time to spread the love…but of course, I won’t settle for anything less.

Happy birthday to me!