Getting Historic in Macau

Macau is for everyone. For the old world fanatics, it has the Ruins and Senado Square; for the adventurers, Macau Tower is the way to go up and down (by bungee jumping); to the high rollers – Venetian, Wynn and all the casinos are establishments to pay homage; for free riders – there are free buses to every sites (literally!) and free tastes along the streets of Senado Square and the list goes on and on…

It is also a cam addict’s or photographer’s place if you’re into posing over/taking photos of a big jar, a fountain or a building.

When Besty and I decided to visit Macau, we only had three 3 to do things in our minds : have a photo taken at the Ruins, taste the real egg tart and savor the authentic Portuguese cuisine.

Well, we did that and more.

And we got lost again

Thanks to me and my navigational skills, we walked a thousand and more steps on the way to the China New Ferry Terminal. We were hungry, tired and started bickering (also known as guilt tripping) at the driveway of one of the tony malls in HK and I was almost got hit by a cab with my kaartehan.

After finding the right ferry terminal, it was smooth sailing from there. Except when we were in the middle of the sea that waves were hitting the ferry like crazy. Hmm,it was a blessing in disguise that we were hungry since there was no food to throw up. 

As we searched for the free bus to Senado Square, we felt we were lost again. And so we decided to visit the Fisherman’s Wharf. A whole block or more for photo opportunities. There was the giant volcano (hmmmm–hideous), a walled Chinese temple, a replica of

 the Roman city, a ghost street lined with English houses. Name it and you can pose with it! We were so hungry when we got there that we had the most insane brekkie : iced cold Coke and Fita crackers. You never can go wrong with crackers in your bag.

Vamos en el Senado Square

We tried to find our way in between establishments across Sands Casino for the next bus stop. We searched high (elevated walkways) and low (side streets) for our bus until we found one. Such a booboo, we realized, because we should have walked back to the ferry terminal and wait for the bus since it is one of the stops.
Senado Square or Rua Ribeiro is one big plaza reminiscent of the plazas you see in provincial Philippines. You got the church, municipio and commercial establishments. The difference is that it is situated in the middle of a very busy commercial district yet it transports you back to the old world of Portugal.

As we made our way to the side streets of Senado searching for a Portuguese meal, we wandered in awe with the structures we saw, salivated over the chicken buns and feasted our eyes with the many merchandise. In short, we ended up eating curried balls, mahu bread with the best tapioca coconunt milk shake plus a bit of shopping. Portuguese meal can wait.

The way to ruin the diet

On the way to the Ruins of St. Paul, all jerky lovers would think they died and went to jerky heaven. Every stall offered a free taste of their own jerkies – beef,. pork, baby pork, chicken, garlic chicken – name it, they made it. By the time we reached the top of the Ruins, I was burping beef jerky!

The Ruins is just a facade of the old church. It was a sight to behold when one’s at the bottom of the steps but the sight from above is one great view as well. There were lovers holding hands, newly weds having their wedding photo taken, a group of friends trying so hard to be up in the air for the usual “jump shot”—all poses you can imagine can be seen at the Ruins.

We managed to go and take a peak of Macau Museum on our way back to Senado Square. We had a short rest from walking  while on the  rooftop garden before descending our way back to jerky heaven. hehehe

As we had enough time before our trip back to HK, we hopped on to the Venetian bus  that will take us to Cotai in Macau. The big guns are here – Venetian, City of Gold , Galaxy and those high end hotels. We just wanted to feel how it was to be inside the Venetian because we have read that it is a completely different place. Oh yes, it was! We were transported to Venice with a river in the middle of the building and gondola with manong singing Filipino songs. The sky is always starry –it is always night time in Venetian.
Inside The Venetian
After a snap and some more snaps of the camera, we were off to our free ride back to the ferry terminal. But we had to have a Portuguese meal first. A take out of a chicken meal that we will have for dinner. How we know it is Portuguese? The signage in the foodcourt said so.

Back to HK

Being in Macau for less that 24 hours made me realize that  there are some people that have a lot of money to burn. It dawned on me that I have to read maps for often. That you’ll never get hungry in Macau. That we can have something similar to Senado Square if we start preserving  our old structures. Some people just have a thing for that…like me who gets a high marveling at a facade, looking at grilled windows of Chinese apartments or touching an old wall. And it is not “gutom lang yan.”

My bestfriend Shirly  and I right in the middle of Senado Square