Hot and Spicy

What a better wat to eat kimchi ramyun alone that watching Snow Queen? While Deuk0gu’s slurping away buck wheat noodles at the side of the street, I am plopped on the floor spooning out cabbage kimchi for my big mouth.

a bowl of ramyun in Sonamoo

But before I got hooked eith ramyun and its cousin Kalguksu, I was so into…

Maggi Curry. Yep, the one you can buy 6packs at barter in hometown Zamboanga. It’s that spicy that the aroma makes you imagine of the 3 Indian spices that are collectively called curry. Of course, one has a choice between laksa and the usual maggi noodles but they pale in comparison with this spicy kind.

Lentil dahl.Lentils in curry laden soup. Best eaten with roti or plain rice on banana leaf with bare hands like the first time I tasted it on a side street in Cheras in KL.

(Top : NonVegetarian fare in True Food in Boracay. Dahl is the one before the salad.
Bottom: My plate for lunch in Cheras. Dahl mixed with rice)

Saigon Pho. Eat this with nuoc ngot by your side. Actually, it is not that hot except that I usually mix it with a tablespoonful of hot chili sauce for some sipa.

Bicol Express. Think eating it on banana leaf (again!) with bare hands (again) after hours of swimming. That is the fondest memory I have with bicol express. So far, the best I’ve tasted is the one always brought by her jagnes (that’s Agnes!!!) straight from the region of sili and pili. The fat from the pork and the enormous serving of sili mixed together make you forget that you’re on a diet with the cups of rice one can consume.

On my way to Deo in Tabaco, Albay in 2004 to eat the yummiest Bicol Express!

Oh my hotness! Please pass the water (or milk or banana or sugar cubes)…