Not just a bag of coffee beans

Tagaytay is not what it used to be. No more cold mornings or bright days with cool air embracing you. The flower and the fruit stands are still ubiquitous…so are the establishments like international and local chains of fast food restos, grocery stores, travel agencies, ukay ukay shops and alike. I remember years ago that one has to go either to Dasmarinas bayan or Mendez to buy clothes or eat at a local fast food.

Nowadays, you just have to stand along the Aguinaldo highway to decide if you want some designer coffee, a Korean meal or burger to-go. Mushroom Burger is not your only option anymore.

My friends and I opted something out of the English garden – Bag of Beans. It could have been Sonya’s but given that we are all mega commuters (aka don’t have cars), we decided a heavy load of English pies and coffee instead.

When you think about it, the three ladies going to Tagaytay to lunch grab a bite is like fetching me up in the hilly place of the city of pineapples. I think they did enjoy their short stay even though they commuted longer than their actual stay in the city.

Ladies who grab (a bite)

Ladies who grab (a bite)

It was all out chikahan as if we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Oh yeah, we regularly do lunch (I mean, dinner) like the usual bunch of ladies at home especially when Her Jagness spends the night in Pasig. We’re practically neighbors – She’s from Makati; and  Doc, Teacher and I are next-door neighbors.

Over fraps, bottomless coffee, English and apple pies – we again discuss the merits of Love. And since we were in Tagaytay, the topic was more focused on Her Jagness since Bag of Beans holds a very special place in her heart. Just ask manong guard who took those photos a long time ago.

What is eating out in a very nice looking place ala The Secret Garden without the usual photo-ops? 

The daybed

The daybed

It was a great visit from friends. It didn’t matter that I had to wait a little longer while my officemates had gone home. I thank them for taking some time off and commute to Tagaytay. Our first out of town together, actually. 


Not our ride back to Manila.