Sight and Taste of Wonder

When one thinks of food in Liliw, what first comes to mind is Arabela. Arabela what? I never heard of it until my brother mentioned that a cousin insisted they have lunch there during those tsinelas shopping spree our mothers had last summer.

The restaurant’s name is combination of the names of the owner’s daughters. Yes, Ara y Bela. They even have a photo inside their sala! How did I know? Well, it so happened that while we were waiting for the restaurant to be open, my aunt chatted with one of the owners of the ancestral house whom she knowa. Well, you do know your neighbors in a small town like Liliw.

Greens and painting

As we made our way to the foyer, I can’t help but be in awe with the collections. ¬† Are you looking for an old world charm without being segunda mano scary? This is it!

Entresuelo pa lang, ulam na.

My sister had a field day posing even at the nearest jar! You can’t get enough with an old house with so much character. The only modern part is the kitchen.

The restaurant is actually located below the ancestral house (as you can see from the photo). It was converted to one because of the love for cooking!  Upon entrance, you are welcomed with sights of pastries tempting you to have desserts first.

Curio items line up the walls and the counters that even Stitch can’t help but pose. Just be mindful of the low ceiling while walking towards your table. I think one needs to stoop a bit, unless you’re Frodo and friends. A little sacrifice is good in exchange of delicious pizza and pasta.

coffee for lunch

Stitch is ready to help.

Counter strike a pose

They say that to know how good a pizza place is – one has to order the basic pizza – Margherita! Cheese, tomatoes and basil. Ahhhmm, I was expecting for a hand teared basil leaves but the dry one is the next best thing!

I forgot this pasta’s name. Menu, please!

All I can say, we left Liliw not just with nice shoes but with good memories from relatives over delicious food.


Sister’s Day Out

For a change, I transformed into (hopefully, an effective one) a tourist guide for three days when my sister spent a long weekend in the metro. I wanted her to see Chinatown (and feed her with the tastiest porkchop and beef with onion) or La Mesa Ecopark (because I haven’t been there myself!) or Tagaytay (to savor the cool breeze over a cuppa coffee). Instead, we went to the south of the metro to shriek like kids. Some things never change.

top of the world

Lyn got so giddy

Small screams for the short ride

Amidst the wizards

The magic is here