Basic Bangkok thru my viewfinder

Remember the line in Hangover 2, “She has taken them!”? She refers to Bangkok, them refers to the Hangover team. Well, it looks like she will take me once I get a fullblown Bangkok experience at the end of the month.

For the time being, I had to squeeze the quick Bangkok experience in between sessions, morning walks and the unpredictable rain. Yes, it rained when I was there yet it didn’t stop me to walk through the sights in the city of angels.


Off to Bangkok

who would have thought that i will be heading back to the thai capital less than a month from my big asean trip?

last minute instruction to attend a dialogue means last minute preparation, including purchasing a spinner for those official travels. hay naku, another deduction from my travel fund.

i remember my first trip to bkk – all i got to see were the airport, hotel and the closed mall across the street. that is what one gets when goin on a business trip!

and this time around, it would still be the case unless i can go out tonite or friday nite to catch the bangkok open! i heard nando verdasco is playing. sheesh!

at the moment, i am not so enjoying my bus ride to the international airport đŸ™‚


I love airports. And it is not because of those ubiquitous Koreanovelas that feature at least ONE airport scene. I love the feel of the wide spaces, the bright lights … even the cold metal seats. There is something about aeroportos that make my heart skip. I always equate airports to going to some place unknown and going home.

Fast Break in Downtown Bangkok

Airport-Hotel-Bkk CBD was my drama during my 4-day stay in Asia’s City of Angels. I did manage to sneak to the Shrine of the God of Love. Too bad that I learned too late that I should offer something red. I should have taken my cue when I took a photo of the girl’s basket of rambutan.

I couldn’t give a full blown description of my stay in BKK since I was stuck most of the time in the conference hall. The only time  that I can “explore was after dinner or very early in the morning.  Not much to see since most of the establishments were already or still closed. I was able to do some night markets near Baiyoke and explore the chi-chi shopping district in Erawan (at 6 in the morning!)

I promised myself, the next time I will be in Bangkok – or Thailand, I will experience the culture, including the real Thai massage.

that's entertainment

chocolates courtesy of Amari Hotel

Food stall infront of Pantip Plaza

Take your pick

morning ritual


God of Love