About OLW


I realized that I enjoy setting foot on new places when my second job entailed me to be on field a couple of times a year.

What triggered, though, was a not so planned trip to Bantayan Island with only an instruction that there are vans parked  in Ayala Cebu that travel from the city to the northernmost part of Cebu province.

After that, there was no stopping me from “discovering” places. Be it in one of the alleys in Binondo, the often visited beaches in Visayas or a hole in the wall eatery somewhere.

Getting lost is always an option. Thus, I am lucky to have my bestfriend to accompany me getting lost (which translates to more stories to tell). In between, I got my cousins, colleagues and friends that tagged along the way (or me tagging along with them).

ON LONG WEEKENDS chronicles my tales of misreading the map, alighting at the wrong stop, taking the other bus, gobbling anything that looks edible to doing the jump shot, embracing the green tea shrubs, following the aroma of bread, splurging on cheap finds and feeling the sand between my toes. All these most likely happened during long weekends.


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