Foto Friday : Gamefishing

Foto Friday : Gamefishing

Almost 3 years since I first set foot in Siargao, this is the first time I have witnessed the game fishing competition.

To be honest, I am not such a fan unless the fish is laid out on the table, grilled. I have experienced fishing recently but it didn’t make me a convert. I realize, however, that it takes a lot of patience to get the perfect catch. Also, it takes a whole lot of respect for the marine ecosystem (aka care for the mangroves, have a close season, say no to illegal fishing gears).

If you happened to be in Siargao during this month, hop on to Pilar for another activity beyond the surfs.


26 thoughts on “Foto Friday : Gamefishing

  1. Wow, these are huge tuna (is it?)! My father used to work in the Bureau of Fisheries and would bring home sacks of fishes given to him! We were sharing the blessing to our relatives and neighbors because there was so much.

  2. I remember during the month of October, the BFAR in our hometown opened two fo their big fishponds for public fishing. You need to pay an entrance fee of 20pesos and you can fish all you want. Namiss ko na yun.

  3. I’m rarely in the province, so I’ve only seen (not even done) fishing for a grand total of once. Loser, I know, haha. I was afraid since the caught fish kept jumping so high on the ground!

  4. haha. i know the feeling, i rather grill the fish than to catch one.. fishermen with huge fish on their hands is a achievement for them to boast around.. “Hey! I caught that!” hehehe

  5. Seeing this photos of fish makes me think about my favorite show wicked tuna. It takes a lot patience to catch a perfect fish. the happiness of catching big fish is admirable.:)

  6. I’ve never watched a gamefishing competition. I’m sure it’s interesting. This reminds me about how crazy I was about lures when I was younger.

  7. Fishing has a fun childhood memory for me. We used to fish tilapia in irrigation. It was fun until our mother caught us one afternoon when we were trapped in a vacant house because of a heavy rain. From then on we were not allowed to go near the irrigation anymore. By the way, those are big fishes šŸ™‚

  8. This is the first time I have heard about game fishing! Your picture is interesting and I want to be present there too!… Although, actually, I don’t also like messy places…was it messy there?

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