Love you, mate!

I can’t recall how my fascination with the land down under started. It must be the laidback vibe  I get from the place.  Maybe it was because of a cricket crazy furniture manager. Or Ian Thorpe and swimming with the sharks jokes. Or my favorite summer Olympics.

All I know is that I wished to be there that I even wrote in an online goal setting community ( in 2001 that I will go there soon, among other things.

Little did I know that I achieved my goal in 2012 , eleven years after. With added bonus — I met HIM and walked under the stars. Okey, I did set my goal in 2001 to be kissed under the stars but a stroll along the moonlit Bondi Beach, and of late —at Botany Foreshore Park and all imaginable land beside a body of water. I can’t complain that a water baby finally met a man in love with water.

Still under the stars

Still under the stars

As both of us are still counting Saturdays until our next fishing trip and beach adventure…I say,


something that is still travel relevant.

Very soon :D

Very soon 😀


34 thoughts on “Love you, mate!

  1. Aww… such a nice story to share. I met my husband in the most unusual place on earth – middle east. and I never even knew that I’ll be seeing my better half in there.

  2. I always believe there is that one person meant to be for us…and I am glad you found him! We met in a less romantic way…in med school (with the cadavers), but somehow, I knew he was the one for me! As for traveling, it just comes…I also never realized the opportunities keep coming (though, there is so much I haven’t blogged about!) whether here or abroad!…There is time for everything!

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