The Purge : Chinese New Year Version

The other week was a long weekend. It was supposed to be a staycation or a quick road trip somewhere south or north of the city. Unfortunately, I am saving my travel funds for some bigtime travels in March with friends and another travel in the middle of the year. The 3-day weekend ended up being holed up in my condo.

Then, I decided to check out my stuff hidden behind those closed cabinets for a much needed “after Christmas” cleaning. ย Letters, old notebooks, a draft of my college thesis, my beloved DVD sets featuring my favorite Korean actor, receipts /billing statements and scrapbook materials. I realized that I have amassed alot of stuff.

Before Emails.

Before Emails.

The Untouchables: My Hyeon Bin Collection

The Untouchables: My Hyeon Bin Collection

I was lucky that my bestfriend volunteered to arrange my files in the numerous clearbooks at home. Then, we saw the boxes. Letters and postcards sent by friends and family when email was still an idea of the future. Heck, I even saw the stamp collection of my bestfriend in one of the boxes.

The cleaning ended up with reading some notes and laughing at the biggest crush I had over an athlete. Hah, I am not talking about Rafa!

Updated wall

Updated wall

At the end of the day, the cabinet is neatly arranged. The frames on the wall are updated. The wires are tied up well. My tiny condo looks a tad bigger.

Not bad for the Lunar New Year celebration. A good time to kickstart the new year.

A reward for a job well done - new shoes for besty and me!

A reward for a job well done – new shoes for besty and me!


26 thoughts on “The Purge : Chinese New Year Version

  1. Why is it that it is inevitable to laugh when reading old mails? Corny ba? I also have so many things need to clean up, I wish I also have the time to clean them up.

  2. I like your updated wall and your new shoes, too! It’s such a great thing that you found time to purge through your stuff – made even more fun with the bestfriend around!

  3. I need to sort out a cabinet too filled with knick-knacks from the past. A tidier place certainly gives good vibes all the time and it must have been fun to have a friend help you!

  4. Organizing is one task that always consume may entire rest day. Since we have so many craft and crochet stuffs at our bedroom, we bought box organizers, drawers and trays. So you can just imagine how many we have inside our bedroom, hehe. Anyways, I love you flats sis ๐Ÿ™‚

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