Eat Outs

I am not the queen of the kitchen. Neither am I the princess of takeouts. Sometimes, though, it is good to taste something different.

When budget and time limit one to travel, I suggest eating out — with not the usual pasta and iced tea menu, to have a feel of a place somehow.





Fried spring rolls

Fried spring rolls

Eating out is a hit or miss thing. All those misses I charge to experience and tell myself never to eat at that place again. Of course, second chances are given from time to time. Honestly, I got a few of my faves that I call food phases. These are my go-to not so common food : Dahl, matter paneer, kimchi chigae, kimbap, hummus, keema and falafel. These are the food i will order over and over again when I am in an Indian, Korean and Middle Eastern restaurants. How about you, what are your choices?


6 thoughts on “Eat Outs

  1. I agree. Since both boo and I are so busy and can’t find time to explore, we find time to dine in different places around the area. What I want to do next is to experiment in cooking. 🙂

  2. I haven’t explored the food places here in Bohol but I love to I just don’t have the time. Usually hubby and I always end up at Gerry’s Grill or Prawn Farm if we want to eat out. We usually eat at home since we have kids and it is more thrifty 😀

  3. Those look really delicious. Hubby and I love to eat and explore new restaurants. It can get quite expensive though so we try to limit our explorations. Haha! We try to eat all kinds of food but our favorites are Japanese and Thai. 🙂

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