Cooking Abroad

I don’t consider myself a good cook. I do dabble in experiments in the kitchen but my repertoire is limited to : long cut adobo, paella, Italian style spaghetti and torta patata. Baking, on the other hand, is a different thing.

Back in Australia, our dinners were different from what I am used to in Manila. For one, rice was not a regular except if we have Chinese. And I am talking about food, not the nationality. Cooking, traveling or not, definitely saves a lot of money.

Below are some of the food Boo and I whipped up (except for the prune bread which I baked very early in the morning in my first week there).







I must say that preparing and cooking your own food bring a different satisfaction. Yes, there are more plates to wash but getting first hand lessons from someone is a happy bonding time. Much better than a fine dining date.

And washing the dishes is never a chore when someone got your back. I am lucky to have Boo who is very comfortable in the kitchen and  Dotty who ate all the excess food.



14 thoughts on “Cooking Abroad

    • The fish fingers are actually frozen ones we put in the oven. The pasta is a simple white sauce–yoghurt nga lang for a change since there were a large tub of yoghurt available. The recipe is simple : veggies blanched in a stock of your choice then add some greek style yoghurt. Let it simmer then add the cooked pasta. Voila! A tangy vegetable pasta!

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