Stopping at Flagstaff

When I first got hold of a historical walking tour guidebook of Hongkong back in 2010, I told myself that the sites should be included in the HK trip that time. There was Western Market, the old trams, Murray House and a museum. Not just another museum but a museum of teaware itself. Teaware–what?

For a tea drinker like me, plus the fact I love nostalgia, the said museum is a heaven on this part of a tea drinking country. I love anything that is connected with tea even though as of late, my love for the beans trumps the leaves. I remember fondly when I first saw a tea plantation in Boseong, South Korea. I literally hugged them!

Back to Flagstaff, the museum is located inside Hongkong Park. It was built in the early 1800s and served as residence of the Commander of the British Armed Forces. According to,

“Flagstaff House was converted into the Museum of Tea Ware in 1984 with a new wing, the K.S. Lo Gallery, added in 1995. Alongside its exhibitions, the museum holds regular demonstrations, tea gatherings and lecture programmes to promote ceramic art and China’s enduring tea drinking culture.”

House Tea

It is free of admission. One can gawk at the various teawares – history and all–as well as the varieties of tea that can be consumed and how to prepare them. It was such a delight to read on  the preparation of a powder tea – you can either mix it with hot water or brush it in a small bowl. Who would have thought there are many ways to serve this beverage? A short AVP showed a traditional way to prepping and drinking tea. Tea ceremony!

For some actual tea drinking, there is a teahouse located near the museum.  For kiddie fun, you can play with teasets and all in a small room inside the museum. Prior to the exit, an interactive survey has been set to determine the type of tea one uses and its benefits to one’s health. I was pretty familiar with the most of it but my sister just realized she has been drinking the wrong tea afterall. Better get those oolong for weight loss!

Old and older.

Old and older.

As I stepped out of the museum, my love for tea was reignited. I ended buying a box of Taiwanese oolong (milk!) tea in the nearest Vanquard store.


Hay, how I love the magic of using the pellet teas, the aroma of genmaicha, the bitter taste of green tea, the richness of oolong, the flowery scent of chamomile and the “best with scone” english breakfast. What is your favorite tea?

Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware is located at 10 Cotton Tree Drive, (inside Hong Kong Park), Central, Hong Kong Island.

  • From MTR Admiralty Station, Exit C1. Then follow the signs up the escalator to Hong Kong Park. The museum is on the right side after the large arc and Lock Cha Tea House.

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