Sunday Nite and Monday Morning

This is where it all started. If Garfield hates his Mondays, he would definitely love waking up to the first work of the week if the scene is like this. Just like me (not that I hate Monday —just the traffic that goes with it). I spent my week in Siargao (for the nth time) for the project we have there. Since we have a full packed sched on Monday, my colleagues and I decided to cut our weekend short and proceeded to Siargao on Sunday (waking up at 3 AM for a 5.30AM flight is such a breeze, as of late!).


My companions were not first timers here in the island but it was the first time we traveled together for the project. For a change, it was a different of vibe. They were outgoing and funny as you can be. It seemed like we’ve been traveling together for so long! Well, if you count the numerous emails and reports that travel back and forth among us —then, that made us close. It was fun talking about non office stuff on a Sunday. You talk about pizza, abs (yes, the six pack type) and tips for all the single ladies. It was a different kind of fun. And how fun it was when we walked from our resort to the fave pizza place (give or take a good 20Β minute walk in the unpaved and unlit road of GL) with the moon as our only source of light.



Pizza and pasta came and eaten. Playing pool followed. Night cap with the wind blowing on your face. Ahhh, wish the work place is always like this. And then the sandman came along for a restful sleep with sound of the wind singing a lullaby.

As my clock hit 5.20 AM, I peeked at my window and this sight welcomed me. Hello, Monday!


After two years and many trips in this part of the island (2nd for this year), I still get mesmerized of this mala-Blue Crush view in the morning.


Getting There

  • Siargao Island can be reached thru Cebu Pacific via Cebu.
  • A 2 hour ferry trip can also take you to Siargao if you enter Surigao City via Palexpress and Cebu Pacific.
  • From Sayak Airport in Del Carmen or Dapa Ferry Terminal, hire a habal-habal or multicab going to General Luna(Cloud 9) and other parts of the island.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Nite and Monday Morning

  1. itotour ko kayo if mag siargao tayo πŸ™‚ as for san vic….hintayin muna natin ang airport. there is nothing much to see there at the moment —unless mag port barton ka (na mas malapit sa puerto princesa)

  2. Ang ganda. I’ve often wondered about heading out there but not sure if we’ll enjoy, not being remotely interested in surfing that is. Pero I’m sure Siargao has lots to offer no?

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