Back to Back in Cagayan


Cagayan up north is as hot as its hospitality. Tuguegarao is not just about the temps going on high 30s but the best place to have a 2 hour massage, have coffee and eat longganisa anytime of the day. Callao, in chavacano is silent. But you can’t help but give a shoutout once you reach the 184th step in this side of the province. Or when you get to see the chapel in the cave or the skylight from within. Think journey to the center of the earth…or avatar.


Oh, Iguig. You made my heart sing. It was like a smaller version of the hills of Batanes with the statues of the stations of the cross.

image image

Better pack your bags and embrace Cagayan like no other.


 Tuguegarao City can be reached via air or land. It is the gateway to Iguig (Calvary Hill), Penablanca (Callao Cave) and other municipalities of Cagayan Province.
 Via Air : PALExpress and Cebu Pacific travel regularly to Tuguegarao. It takes almost an hour flight from Manila to Tuguegarao City.
 Via Land: Victory Liner ( and Florida Bus Line ply the Manila-Tuguegarao route. Prepare for an almost 10 hours land trip.

8 thoughts on “Back to Back in Cagayan

  1. Gusto ko yang cave at magfeeling Bea Alonzo. hahaha! (in case you do not watch tagalog movies, there is a John Lloyd-Bea movie with this location. Nakalimutan ko title! basta yung latest. haha)
    Yung last photo para gusto ko tumakbo at kumanta ng “The hills are alive with the….”

  2. My mother is from Cagayan but we seldom go there or the last time I went there was 2002 pa. Ang layo kasi e. Hopefully when we have a bigger vehicle makadalaw kami dun. Nice place. I agree and init dun but the people are really great and warm.

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