The Search Is Over

For the tastiest dumpling in the metro.

When I heard of it years ago from a DIY foodtour, I tried my best to look for it it using my reliable Manila map. A good map reader (!) Like me never found it after visiting the famed Chinatown so many times. I always ended up in Delicious Restaurant, estero, Masuki or Tasty Dumpling.

Then one fine birthday weekend in Ramada, my travel and food besty decided to try looking for the dumpling store once again. Yes, we did study the map and get an actual direction from a blog!

Alas, in the quiet street of Yuchengco or Nueva, there stood a nondescript tiny store called Dong Bei often visited by foodies. No fancy tables or chi chi china. A sight of women kneading the dough will greet you upon entrance. They actually occupy one whole table of the eatery. As you try to read through the white board, you have a choice among…chive, shrimp, or pork DUMPLING!


For a hundred bucks, we got a plateful of chive dumplings. Dipped in soy sauce, they were pockets of heaven! The dough was chewy enough not to strain one’s jaw. The clean taste of chive with a hint of sweet saltiness of the soysauce was a perfect combination.

Good thing Dong Bei has been found. The long search was all worth it.


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