Debut at 36

I drafted this last year but never got the chance to post it online. Looking back, I quite accomplish almost half—and have 6 more days to get everything ticked off.


  • learn to do the flip turn
  • see the opera house – Hello Sydney Opera House in 10 February 2012!


  • take the exam of my online class – I am getting there! It has been a year, no?!
  • scuba dive
  • jump off a cliff – Magpupungko and Sohoton Cave, if the latter counts back in May!
  • travel southeast asia – A trip to Indochina with by best travel buddy, Besty. Nothing beats the border crossings.533651_4886284234706_681317649_n
  • Notre Dame Cathedral

    Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh

    Inside one of the towers in Angkor Wat

    Inside one of the towers in Angkor Wat


  • experience authentic thai massage in thailand – I finally did this before I left Bangkok during the Indochina trip.
  • earn from baked goodies – heh…I need to get a new oven first.
  • get a new tv – I have to wait for the CRT to be broken 🙂
  • stroll along the beach at night – Nothing beats a stroll with one of your favorite people at your dream “beach to stroll to”
  • get a new scent – Say goodbye to the strong scents of marc jacobs and bulgari. Hello flowery scent of gardenia


  • do the zumba religiously – I did but failed
  • or jog again – I am getting my feet back on this. Especially if I get my hands on those new Vibram shoes
  • invest in the market – I invested in 2 cooperatives that earn more than what any bank can give. Walang urungan na ito!
  • be independent from plastic – a pat on the back . now, I am just paying all the balances.
  • spelunking in sagada – maybe middle of the year
  • swim with whale sharks – still a dream
  • once and for all, get a rashguard  and a nice looking bag- my birthday gifts for myself. Nice looking bag? CHECK! Geez, NW- you disappointed me. I am risking by moolah on a Oroton tote bag. Rashguard would be my next travel essential. I can tell.

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