Beauty of San Vic

Since the first time I set foot in mainland Palawan a year ago, I’ve been to this not so hidden treasure called San Vicente. For all 12 months, I saw how it transformed from being just the site of local Survivor reality show  to must visit area in this side of Palawan.

First quarter of 2013 is not yet complete but I have been in the area twice. It is not an easy feat given the long and winding road going to San Vicente. Yeah, it  doesn’t beat the half day trip to Bantayan but the still in progress road improvement can turn off some people.  I am so lucky that we got SanVic as one of our project sites. I feel at home in the town proper. I’ve befriended FRNDZ’ owner and at first name basis to some of the locals. Oh yeah, I even saw my childhood friend in one of the remote barangays in the area. It is a small world after all.

When the airport is completed, I think that SanVic will be a completely different story.

But as for now, I have to savor every experience.


Daplak in Boayan. Coral nursery + crystal blue water + fantastic host (and house!)


From the exposed scaffoldings to this lounge area —Gemma and Kuya Germs have gone a long way!



A row of themed Christmas trees by the beach


Enjoy while there are no establishments yet.




San Vicente is a 4 hour drive from Puerto Princesa City. Ask a tricycle driver to take you to the shuttle van terminal going to Poblacion, San Vicente.

The fare is about Php300. If commuting with other people is not your thing, you can hire the whole van for around 3000 (one way) and 1500 going around San Vicente.

Boayan Island can be reached by hiring a small outrigger boat (around Php1000-Php1500) with a request to stop at the Naked Island.


3 thoughts on “Beauty of San Vic

  1. I’ve been to Palawan once but only in Puerto Princesa at at Dos Palmas. There’s really so much beauty in the Philippines and I would definitely love to visit Palawan again someday.

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