Comfort of Dalat

Dalat in Lamdong Province is unheard of among the many cities of Vietnam.  It was question marks all over when I was asked to go there for a workshop. All I know is that it gets pretty cold in the area. Reminds one of Baguio City.

Welcome to the middle of nowhere. Dalat City is still 30 minutes away.

On the way to the city

Pine trees are everywhere. Feels like you’re in Baguio.

As I was facing a personal low that time, it was also a difficult decision to proceed with the said travel. For some reason, I think, that being in Dalat helped me in dealing with the loss of my father. The place comforted me like a blanket in the cold night. It brought serenity and somehow, I felt so close to Jesus. Maybe it was the church that I see everytime I look at the window. Or the quiet streets and rains while I walk along the pine tree-lined sidewalks. All I know, Dalat will be a special place among the destinations I’ve been.

The Catholic Church from a far

Canal near the hotel

Hot pho in a cold night

Night time in Dalat




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