Gearing Up: Wally, my travel wallet


I finally got one after mentioning a couple of weeks back that I need to stop borrowing the blue wallet. I was contemplating buying the TNF or the Pacsafe but mind says “No!” unless I will be using the same wallet when in the metro.

So, what gives? First, no magnet. Heaven knows when the magnet attracts my atm card. That is a big no-no for me, even with regular wallets.

Second, pockets for the ID, cards and what have yous (aka receipts). The more, the better eventhough I don’t carry that many cards when travelling.


Third, a secret compartment for those uber important thing when travelling…money. You really do not want to flaunt your cash, no?

Fourth, a place for your passport. Do I need to explain more?

Fifth, a zippered compartment for the coins and more receipts.

Bonus : a small notebook for scribbles and budgeting.

I am so lucky to score this from Dimensione at a discount!

Let’s get lost now!


2 thoughts on “Gearing Up: Wally, my travel wallet

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