Gearing Up: Document Wallet

Old reliable

This is the blue document wallet that has traveled with me since 2000 something. With all the field works that I do, complete with securing those precious boarding passes and receipts for liquidation purposes, this cushion-y wallet is an essential.

This is actually not mine :D. I just borrow it from my best friend every time I go out – unless we travel together (she keeps all the receipts and tickets!). With our upcoming trip, I’ve been searching something so similar to fit my stuff such as passport, frequent flier cards (I got those cards below yet I only used Mabuhay and Asiana –still a long way to get a free upgrade! I even have Delta Skymiles when I haven’t gone to the States!) and receipts –lots of them. And so far, I haven’t seen a similar one except for a yellow TNF wallet that will surely put a dent on my almost empty…coin purse.

I  think I need something flashy like this almost electric blue hue. I remember that I dropped this unknowingly while buying stuff in Canberra. I didn’t have an inkling that I almost lost all my docs and moolah until my colleague saw it on the floor and she immediately recognized it! “Ate! Ang wallet mo!” she cried out inside the store. When she handed it to me, she said that the color was so distinct (duh, who uses an electric blue wallet anyway?) that she instantly recalled that I always carry it.

I think I have to stop with the borrowing. I need to get one for myself.Stat.





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