Gearing Up : Day Bag


The numerous field works and the upcoming trip to some parts of Indochina got me all riled up to get a proper rucksack. Gone are days that I use those freebie “seminar” bags disguised as backpacks that weigh a ton and hurt my back that make me want to run to the nearest airport massage center. Yes, I succumbed to the call of a day pack.

Why a daypack and not a backpack backpack?

Firstly, I can fit a week’s clothing in my regular backpack and I will exactly do the same in the new one. Thanks to my not so secret shirt organizer called Gala.

Secondly, I hate check-in baggage. I don’t wanna queu (especially with budget airlines) in checking in. I don’t wanna wait beside the carousel. Yuuup, I am always in a hurry especially during arrivals. Think Phil Keoghan waiting for you at the pitstop.

Thirdly, I need something that can actually fit the plane’s overhead bin…especially those small planes going to Siargao.

After months of mulling over the different choices and salivating over window displays…I got myself a 30L Yavapai that looks like a kid’s school bag. Hahahaha

It got me with the green and orange. Love at first sight. I didn’t read the specs but it has a laptop compartment (good during field works), a front organizer (for those chargers and toiletry bag), a front front for my flipflops/flats. It can fit Gala with my clothes inside. Plus it’s interior is in orange. Did I mention that it ACA approved? That means it didn’t hurt my back!

With orange that looks like clay, there is nothing left to do but call it Rafa.



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