What’s Eating Down Under?

I am a sucker for food. As much as possible, I will try to have a taste a place has to offer. Then, a visit to land down under was presented to me.

Fast forward to palate journey in Oz. The food was beyond the Aussie fare and I just can’t forget the sight, smell, texture and taste of these delish food:

10. Fish and chips. At last, I got to taste white fish bathe in beer batter with chips (or fries, as we American-ized call ’em) and a piece of lemon.

Fish and chips in Canberra
(photo credit: Tin Villarino)

9. Grilled burger. Yes, not the fried ones I am used to. Juiciest and largest pattie I’ve digged my teeth into.

8. German sausage with sauerkraut. Who would have thought I am having this meal straight from a German market in the middle of Brisbane City Center? Did I mention how I love mustard?

Half of the sausage

7. Meat Pies. I tasted my first meat pie in Brissy. Then in Sydney … and I can’t get enough of it especially the ubiquitous Face Pies with creamy mushroom and ham stuffed in the crust. Now, I have to make do with London pies from Eat&Go.

6. Hungry Jack. Yes, it is fastfood. Yes, it looks like Burger King. Yes, it is Burger King. (Search why it is called Hungry Jack downunder). Why HJ is unforgettable? It serves cappuccino in their bbreakfast meal without additional cost.

5. Malaysian Curry. I can’t get enough of the large plate filled with dahl, curries and roti while waiting for the rain to stop in downtown Sydney.

4. Indian vegetarian dish. Another curry made into the list. I just can’t help it…between anything else and an Indian dish, there is no doubt I pick the latter for the fireworks of spice it creates in my mouth.

3. Sweet and Sour pork. Very Pinoy. After 3 days of not eating rice, my colleagues were in dire need of the ultimate carb. After searching high and low, we found a nondescript food stall (reminiscent of a carinderia) inside a train station in Brisbane. It was the next best thing to truly Pinoy food.

2. Nuts and nuts. I had them for dinner in Sydney. I traveled with a pack going to Bondi. Ultimate pantawid gutom. I am going nuts with all the different nuts available – macadamia, walnut, peanuts, pecan…eerrr, coconut? (yes, they do have the dried diced coconut meat mixed with the various nuts :D)

1. Falafel. And my love for Alibaba just can’t be denied. I love the falafel in pita wrap. I had it fried with hot sauce. Thoughts of falafel as I write now make my mouth water.  Chick peas (or was it gigantes?) mashed, mixed with spices, formed into balls and fried are so yummy, I had them 2 nites in a row back in Canberra. That is how I love the texture and taste and everything else about the real Mediterrenean delight.

Inside Alibaba in City Centre, Canberra


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