Morning Walks

There is no better way to feel the place than observe what’s goin on after the break of dawn. Every place I’ve been to, I at least tried once to walk so early in the morning. From the back streets in Boracay to the side market in Hanoi to the main street in Brisbane to the sunrise jog in Palawan. Nothing gives me the best experience of the place in its natural state, aka place replete of tourists (since they are most likely asleep at 6a.m.).

All’s asleep in Anyang, South Korea

These walks are more than fitness walking. It all started with a goal to catch the much revered sunrise which graduated to seeing the sights due to limited time (especially when I am in a place for an official business)

I have no favorite morning walk destinations but I do have vivid memories of the places that I had the chance to do some exercise and photowalk.


It was back in 2005 that I roamed the main street of Boracay, and I am not referring to the main avenue of D’Mall.

It was a different side of the party island. When all are still stuck in their rooms, a different life actually exists. It wasn’t a time space warp thing but in “real island life,” kids walking to school, lolas sweeping the yard with stick brooms, moms prepping for a day of laundry.

There is life aside from parties.

HaNoi, Vietnam

Walking along the streets in Hanoi is walking with the morning risers on their way to the street market. I never met joggers or office walkers at 6 A.M. In the morning. The streets were so quiet that it is impossible to think that these same streets are ruled by motorcycles in the later part of the day.

Instead of motorcycles, bicycles roam the crooks and cranny of every Trung streets. It felt I was transported back in time while doing my walks.


The bed weather in the city is the only reason why one wants to be in a coma state at 5:30. A.M. I can’t help it, though, that everytime I am in Tagaytay, I always end up doing the morning rounds.

From rotunda to Mushroom Burger (as point of reference) or from Dominique to San Jose road. Ahhh, don’t you just love the cool breeze greeting you so early in the morning?

Canberra, ACT

A run along Northbourne Avenue

With good urban planning in Australia’s capital, it is no doubt a jogger’s paradise. The cold summer breeze didn’t deter people from running from their residence past Rudd Street to thr city centre. It was a bit of a challenge for to actually run at 6A.M. with uber cold wind embracing you. It was really a bit of a challenge to sweat it out literally.

It was comforting, though, to meet a couple of joggers doin the rounds. It makes me not afraid that a dog would run after me.


The quiet street in Sayak in Del Carmen makes fitness walking in the island a good way to shed all the crabs and carbs consumed the day before.

If one is too high endurance, one can do the 15km stretch to the Poblacion But not me, of course. I will be taking the trike once I reach KM. 5.

With no jeeps and large trucks travelling the main highway, one is secured to run crisscross without being hit. You might step on a carabao dung, though.

With all the food consumed during travels, it is, but necessary to pack your trainers  to balance out everything. And of course, a great way for photo-ops sans tons of people.

What are your favorite places for morning walks?


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