Brisbane : The river, old world and sunshine

When one thinks of Australia cities, one will think of either Sydney or Melbourne. For someone like me who is into the land downunder, my knowledge of Brissy is limited to Brisbane as the capital of Queensland. In recent years, of course, I’ve known it as my h.s. friend Celine’s place and that it got inundated in 2011 when the river overflowed.

When I got a copy of my itinerary, I didn’t have much expectations about Brissy. What can I actually see in the city after all the meetings at the end of the day?

From the cold summer in Canberra, Brisbane welcomed me with sunshine and all. Right at the moment, I knew Brissy’s the one. As the bus passed by suburbs and streets, houses reminded me of a residential area in the Philippines. Actually, it is similar to one street in my hometown.

Brisbane City is located in the  southeast part of Queensland. In the city, the grand

The Wheel of Brisbane

river is the center of all. Like Han River in Seoul or our own Pasig River, there is some kind of magic the river in a city brings that enthralls “water people” like me.

As we crossed the river, I sorta daydreamed what if I live in one of those prime houses on the hill facing the river. Or I can see Story Bridge from my window. Brissy had me when I saw the river. When we took a short break to see the Wheel of Brisbane and Southbank, I was one of the first few who rushed near the riverbank. I didn’t care that it was summer and I am out in the open field at 12 noon. When  I saw the river and the view, I just stared at the water for a couple of minutes. It was that mesmerizing.


The river and me

There were yachts, fishing boats and water taxis “parked.” Hmmm, what a way to see the city…sana. 

Along the river, there are numerous establishments and old buildings. Emphasis on the OLD because I absolute love old world in urban spaces. In short, it is the best of both worlds. It didn’t matter that the Treasury is part casino or that the red church is smack in the middle of two modern buildings. Walking along the streets in early mornings made me appreciate the city more- streets with less people, not so cold weather and brick buildings. There were art installations in various parts of downtown Brissy – giant Christmas balls in Brisbane Square, an alien/man/deer in an intersection, man and woman of steel or a group of kangaroos near the city centre. How visually happy can one get with these?

The Manor

Man and woman of steel

Shorts…sun…and shorts. I must be lucky that we were billeted in the middle of a very busy city centre. When I saw that there are actually alot of people wearing shorts and that the sun actually came out, I got so giddy.At last, there is a place that I can walk around in shorts like it is the most normal getup in the world!

Sunny Brissy

Brisbane is modern. It is bustling with people from different parts of the world. It is so metropolitan but feels like provincial. Brissy has this certain charm that made me say, “I wanna live here.” And it is not often that I say that.

Which among these places?


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