Bondi Love

Bondi Beach is just one of the beaches that I wanted to visit in Sydney. My limited time (and budget) in Sydney, though, left me with only one option : the famous beach of all.

Bondi Beach is a kilometer stretch of fine white sand reminiscent of Repulse Bay in Hongkong. It is located in the Eastern Suburbs under the Waverly Council. It is famous for surfing and the show Bondi Rescue in NatGeo with those nice looking lifeguards. When I think about it, Bondi is actually divided into parts : the sea, sand, jogging area, sloping grass area, parking, the road and the pavilions/establishments/commercial area. The zoning makes it less congested and less chaotic…even at night.

A Welcoming Sight

It was the tail-end of summer when I was in Sydney. One morning, I decided to go to Bondi by myself after asking for directions from manang of the local kebab store in Campbell Street. With my trusty flipflops and ginormous bag that looks like a beach bag, I took the train to Bondi Junction.

my train ticket

One thing about train stations outside Pinas, it got more than 5 platforms as opposed to our LRTs and MRT that only have 2 (going North or South). I was told to take Platform 2 but to be really sure, I had to internalize the train route posted in the Town Hall station. I think, I spent a couple of minutes studying the route. I almost got lost until I realized that my platform is on the lowest level (parang underground!) which is not quite full of people compared to the other platforms. Hmm, I think people take the bus going to Bondi.

I paid the AUD3.40 fare and off I sat alone in an almost empty coach. Four stops and ta-raann— welcome to Bondi Junction. Next stop : bus to the beach.

Almost There

For a summer morning, there are few people taking the bus to the beach. Shucks….my clue could have been camera toting people in board shorts but nada. I am the most touristy looking with my large bag and a Bondi tshirt!

As we drove down Bondi Road, I was thinking that this is way too quiet for a beach residential area. Of course, there are shops and stores and restaurants but all were closed at 7 A.M. When the bus approached the road overlooking the beach, I can’t contain my excitement that I actually get to see the beach. I was in Australia since Sunday but Saturday was the only time I finally set eyes on the a body of saltwater with real sand. Yay!

The beach looks like a cove with one end having a swimming pool like structure while the other end is full of large boulders. In between, is pure sand and waves for the frolickers, sunbathers and surfers alike. I started watching the morning joggers strutting their beefed up bods but the temptation to feel the water was way too high. In the end, I folded by jogging pants, took off my flipflops and walk along the beach until it started drizzling. I had to look for shelter since I got my precious camera in my bag.

A patch of beach paradise

I did a few stops in some of the stores (read: rip curl and billabong) for some nice looking beach clothes but I ended up buying in an Asian store (that’s what they called it) a pair of shorts and a cute dress. A pair of shorts that I wore that night in Bondi. Mind you, Bondi shoppping is not limited to beach wear since it got Westfield in Bondi Junction for some serious (an even chi-chi wear) clothes and accessories buying spree.

I took the train back to the city after walking more than 10000 steps along Bondi Road.

At 8 P.M. I was cruising the highway from the city to Edgecliff towards Bondi Road back to the beach with a can of beer in hand. So, this is night life in Bondi. The Pavilions were full of people partying and drinking their hearts out. Groups of friends hanging out in the jogging area while some were contented lying on their backs in the grass area looking at the sky and the stars. Holy cow, parking is so difficult!

A night in Bondi

The noise of the party seem to fade away as you look at the lights surrounding the beach.  Me thinks, I can live here. I felt the sand between my toes while threading the beach talking about anything and everything under the stars. It sounded like it came from a page of a Nicholas Sparks novel (except no one dies) until we started “arguing” if the large round thing rising in the horizon is the moon or the sun. Sa totoo lang, I never thought it was romantic that time until pauwi na kami that nag may-we-stroll along the shore drama namin. Talking about sharks in Bondi is not the most romantic topic at all but I can live with that. There were some you-should-be-in-a-relationship topic thrown in between sharks and jogging at nite talks.

We chased some birds on the field and walked some more. I will never get tired of walking in Sydney if this would always be the case. As we drove back to Pitt Street, I know that it would take some time before I will get to experience this again. I did savor every moment in Bondi.

To quote my fave Aussie band who happened to sing the Bondi Rescue themesong, In the Summertime :

Take me back to the sweet times
The hot nights
Everything is gonna be alright
In the summertime
Baby, in the summertime
And even if I have to wait til next year
I don’t care
All I know is that I’ll meet you there
In the summertime
Baby, in the summertime
That is where I’ll be


Happy Heart’s Day!

I actually asked him why he took me there when he knew that I was in Bondi earlier. He just said, “because you love the beach.”


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