Top 10 in Baguio City

Whenever I am in a new place, my travel doesn’t end in having my photo taken at a well-know landmark. I do at least three other stuff : feel the culture, eat what the locals are having and shop (even it’s just window shopping). In Baguio, I did those and more. Here are the few stuff one can do when you find yourself in the City of Pines:

1. Brave the long and neverending road to Bencab Museum to visit his massive collection of bulols. Bulol is an Ifugao rice god carved from wood. Be amazed with the works of the maestros (Bencab, Sanso, Dalena, Ang Kiukok, etc.) and be stressed free while sipping a hot fresh tea at Sabel Cafe.

Going artsy at the Bencab Museum

Going artsy at the Bencab Museum

2. Buy the famous raisin and banana breads from Baguio Country Club

3. Eat at the local restaurants : Cafe by the Ruins for the madeleines and sweet potato bread, Star Cafe for the cinnamon, Thai cuisine at Happy Tummy, Session Delight for the pandesal and coffee and PNKY for the strawberry shake.

Foodie Galore

Foodie Galore

4. Visit the public market.

5. Shop at the ukay-ukay, if you have the time and the moolah. There are rows of buildings selling pre-owned stuff.

6. Have breakfast at the 50s Diner in Leonard Wood Street…pancakes and the works!

7. Stroll the Botanical Garden and stop to smell the flowers.

Playing with the blooms at Baguio Botanical Garden

Playing with the blooms at Baguio Botanical Garden

8. Bike around Burnham Park.

9. Climb your way to the Lourdes Grotto or from Wright Park to the Mansion.

10. Walk, walk, and walk. One doesn’t get to perspire that much when you’re up there, thanks to the cool weather.


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