A Look Back

2011 started with a not so big bang. Travel was still in the main agenda but plans didn’t take off until summer. All I had were plans…travel plans…itinerary…all drawings. I was kinda anticipating for some bigtime out of the country journey like I did in 2010 with my best travel buddy( aka my bestfriend Shirly).

Summer arrived and passed and I had a RT ticket to Dumaguete! Finally, a real R&R with a new friend to meet! I was too excited that I wanted the rainy months to arrive pronto. August was too far away.

Then, in a flash, I changed office address. No more out of the blue ticket reservations since I had an inkling I need to stay in the office more in my first few months (but I was wrong!). I never been to too many places in 6 months. And these are the places not all people can easily go. It dawned on me that: new office = more places to see.

June : Hanoi, Vietnam (and Bangkok Airport). Historical, Euro-asian, pure yumminess. I need to go back with friends to experience the sights and taste of Vietnam. Who is in for a sojourn in Ho Chi Minh?

August : Surigao del Norte and Siargao Island. Island life, best pizza, unforgettable pan de tutuy, mangrove and lakes. Looks like I will be visiting this place regularly for some work and work.

                   Dumaguete City. Secluded resort, the quaint neighboring cities, hospitality like no other. I will forever remember the day I met May and her kids. It was R and R topnotch. Of course, I ended up being good friends with Ana and Aye that I even left one of my Stitch plush toys with them to play.

          September : Siargao Island. Again! 5 days of island life doing nothing but surveys can really make you succeed in standing on a surfboard while the international surfing competition is on. I think I need to go back to see if it wasn’t a fluke.

October : Seoul, Korea. Autumn in my heart. Why do I end up in Korea during “almost winter?” Although the trip was still work related, I won’t forget the night visits to Myeong-dong and Namdaemum and soaking all Korean fashion (who can blame me, I stayed in Myeong-dong, the fashion street?) I should have horded tons of Forever 21 accessories.

October-November : Tawi-Tawi Group of Islands. It might sounded like a blah but the assessment turned out to be going to places not all can go. Case in point : Bancauan and Bancorohan for the their inaccessiblity; Baguan and Taganak Islands (aka the Turtle Islands) for exclusivity —it’s a conservation site for marine turtles.

December : Baguio City. Chilly nights, great food, new places to see. It was literally stopping from a year’s hard work to smell the flowers.

In 2012…err, this year, I am looking forward to great travels with friends and colleagues. I already got tickets for Cagayan de Oro in August. Work related trips are lined up (unfortunately, there will be NO Australian Open experience in Melbourne this year) which I have to take advantage of kahit kulang sa tulog. Of course, the SEA “backpacking” my bestriend and I are plotting at the end of the year.

Yay for 2012! May our feet lead us somewhere new and exciting!


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