My Top 10: Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea

Whenever I am in a new place, my travel doesn’t end in having my photo taken at a well-know landmark. I do at least three other stuff : feel the culture, eat what the locals are having and shop (even it’s just window shopping). In Myeong-dong, I did those and more. Here are the few stuff one can do when you’re stuck in Seoul’s fashion street:

1. Watch the Nanta Cooking Musical show. An upbeat performance with drums, laughter and dancing.

2. Taste Lotteria’s burgers. The Korean fastfood counterpart of Jollibee and McDonalds.

3. Visit the beauty shops. These shops give freebies upon entrance and/or purchase any of their products. Freebies range from cotton balls to BB cream sample to toner and emulsion cream.

4. Purchase iced coffee in E-mart, 711 or Watsons. My favorite? Let’s Be  Mild Coffee.

5. Try out the sweet squid and twisted potatoes being sold in the side streets. It makes window shopping not a hungry experience.

6. Visit Forever 21 store. When I was there, they were having a sale. You can purchase a pair of sneakers at almost 300 pesos!

Forever21 in the motherland (

7. Try samgyetang – their version of arroz caldo with Korean herbs.

8. Drink soju and eat ddukbokki in one of the tents.

9. Have your photo taken infront of Myeong-dong Theater, the home of the old National Theater of Korea. It stands out amidst the numerous shops in the area.

Infront of Myeong-dong Theater

10. Visit the Myeong-dong Cathedral. It is the main Catholic Church in Korea. One will never fail to notice it because of its imposing Gothic structure at the end of the street.

Getting holy in Myeong-dong (source:


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