Gearing Up : Canon DSLR

I am still loyal to Canon but I levelled-up a bit. From the usual point and shoot, I am now a proud owner of a Canon DSLR. Yippeee! Isn’t it great?

I am still learning my way through the manual settings but I am not complaining except for the paper cut I got when I took out the pocket guide.

There are a lot to learn and practice. But hey,  I got some R&R in Cebu next month. That would be a good time to see if I can really handle a heavy (literally) camera.

And as of now, I am still clicking away…from the ref magnets to the books I have and to besty who became my very willing model. Does that mean adieu to my gorilla pod? hmmm, I still got 2 Canon P&S.

Cebu and the world, here I come!!!


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