My Top 10: Siargao Island

1. A surfing lesson or two at the famous Cloud 9 in Gen. Luna. Total damage amounts to 500 for an hour (10 mins fast break lessons and 50 mins trying to stand on the board).

2. Wander through Del Carmen’s mangrove forest and speedboat your way in Pilar’s mangrove. See the 2nd largest contiguous mangrove forest up close and personal.

A part of the mangrove forest in Del Carmen

3. Swim in the “blue lagoon” just across the mangrove forest.

4. Feel the wind on top of Burgos. They say it looks like Hawaii. Speaking of Hawaii, try the waves in Pacifico.

5. Jump off the cliff towards the tidal flat in Magpupungko in Pilar. The climbing and jumping are liberating experiences.

Tidal Pool in Magpupungko

6. Have pan de tutuy for breakfast. The famous Siargao bread that tastes different. A bread can fill one up in no time.

7. Eat pizza in Kalinaw. Next to saverese of Piadina, this is my favorite pizza! Less than 400 for a thin sliced family sized margherita.

8. Buy danggit in Dapa pier for some pasalubongs.

9. Hangout in GL during fiesta (in September) to have that festive island feel.

10. Soak up the sun in the Naked Island. It is a large mound of sand across Socorro that is good for swimming and a bit of sunbathing.


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