Wander Gurls’ Hongkong Meanderings

It was a year in the making but the itinerary every day was finalized the night before tour day. Call it OC-ness, but we got the iti down to the T only to change it the last minute when we realized we got lost somehow (thanks to my map reading abilities).

Let’s Get Lost
First time we got lost was the first order of the day when we alighted from the Cityflyer bus from HKIA. It must have been the mispelled name of the store (errr, Valley Shop to the actual Bally – the shoe store) which our guest house is located.

After some freshing up (read: taking a quick shower) we had our breakfast at a small joint near Haiphong Road where yuppies take their morning noodles. Since Shirl and I didn’t understand a single word of the local dialect, we made our order “turo-turo” style. Breakfast : beef noodles, hot tea, 3-in-1 coffee, bread and omelet. Cost : HKD32 each.

We made our way to Ngong Ping 360 via Tung Chung. As often told, MTR is  the best way to get around Hongkong. For this part of the journey, we   just went with the flow and didn’t get lost. Word of caution: Ang bilis ng escalator sa MTR Central Station.

Go up to see the Big Buddha

It was an uneventful cable car ride from Tung Chung to the Giant Buddha. We were grouped together with 3 Chinese women and an Australian family (which we get to see again in Disneyland). Except for some motion sickness, we arrived in Ngong Ping in one piece.

Ngong Ping 360 is an ultimate photo-op venue. Great views, good grounds, and goodlooking people (on that day!). Monuments and monuments and pillars after pillars celebrating the Chinese traditions. Not bad, for the first site for first time HK visitors like us.

It was a long and winding road going back to Tung Chung thru the bus. After a very long time, I actually got motion sickness! But it didn’t stop me from eating big mac (okey, hati kami ni besty) with fries and camote pie. The rumor was true, masarap ang french fries sa HK. We had another serving on our last day 🙂 The mall in Tung Chung was the only mall we visited —and we actually went to just ONE shop. I was hoping HK peeps are tennis fans. Much to my disappointment, no Rafa shirt in sight. boohoo!

Hot sweet potato pie

Disney’s the place to be

After Ngong Ping, we prepped ourselves to some child wonderment – thanks to Disneyland. We got our tickets for a discounted price, courtesy of Ate Yolly who also sold us the

 Ngong Ping tix. As we stepped into Main Street USA, we were transported back to the old world. Think Brooklyn Street in EK! Since it was the Halloween season, most of the stalls and stores were decorated withh kiddie scary stuff (hhm, what’s does that mean?)

We made our way to Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland but never really took time to take the rides—except the Madhatter’s rotating teacup. As we were lining up, I actually heard Jesse Spencer’s (yes, Dr. Chase in House) singing Molly Smiles straight from the movie Uptown Girls where the rotating teacup ride was featured in the film. No puking required in this ride unless you rotated the steering wheel to your heart’s content.

Main Street, Disneyland HK

We walked and took a lot of photos, including with Minnie and Winnie. As suggested by many who visited Disneyland, we lined up for the Festival of the Lion King – a very amazing 30 minute dancing/singing and lots of lights show. And the set was to behold! I absolutely love the stage with the audience gathered around like participating in some tribal ritual or maybe over the giant campfire. 

We did watch the HSM performance in an open stage. We’re a bit old for HSM but you couldn’t stop singing with the Asian versions of Troy, Gabriella, Ryan and Sharpay.

As we waited for Stitch Encounter at 7PM, we watched the tail-end of the parade (hahhaha, mga pasaway!), had the train ride around the amusement park, drank coffee, window shopped and had some curry squidballs.

Yes, we really waited for the this show which was so cuuttteee! Obviously, I’m an Exp 626 fan so I wouldn’t missed it for the world. And the encounter didn’t disappoint me —only if I can understand Cantonese and Mandarin, I would lined up again to experience it.

We decided to forego the fireworks for some spacious train ride back to Central. We were so tired on our first day that we can’t wait to go to our hostel for the much needed sleep. The following day is another hectic one with Macau on the list the whole day plus stroll along Avenue of Stars at night time.

Day 1 in HK? Tiring. Exciting. Amazing.





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