Fast Break in Downtown Bangkok

Airport-Hotel-Bkk CBD was my drama during my 4-day stay in Asia’s City of Angels. I did manage to sneak to the Shrine of the God of Love. Too bad that I learned too late that I should offer something red. I should have taken my cue when I took a photo of the girl’s basket of rambutan.

I couldn’t give a full blown description of my stay in BKK since I was stuck most of the time in the conference hall. The only time  that I can “explore was after dinner or very early in the morning.  Not much to see since most of the establishments were already or still closed. I was able to do some night markets near Baiyoke and explore the chi-chi shopping district in Erawan (at 6 in the morning!)

I promised myself, the next time I will be in Bangkok – or Thailand, I will experience the culture, including the real Thai massage.

that's entertainment

chocolates courtesy of Amari Hotel

Food stall infront of Pantip Plaza

Take your pick

morning ritual


God of Love


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