New travel buddy

looks like we have another sun worshipper we just recruited straight from antipolo. well, we did invite her to go with us to coron but she wasn’t able to secure rt tickets to busuanga.

april will be coming with us for a trip to bantayan along with another former officemate of besty. actually, i am the odd girl out since the three of them used or still in communicado with their chingoo students all the way from seoul/busan/incheon (or wherever that province in sokor).

it was not difficult to convince them. hah, with shirl’s persuasive powers – they can’t say “no” to an almost 1hr plane-3hr bus-1hr ferry ride to the island paradise called bantayan.

i want to capture the moment that they will get the first glimpse of the island. make that, glimpse of the stretch of fine sand adjacent to the pier.

looks like this is becoming a favorite destination. (sorry, myla but we have to forego p.g. and travellers’ delight for the meantime)

who knows, we might bump into that coffee dreams owner in ayala center again. (and actually telling him that we bake better pastries. LOL.)

my golly, now i can imagine that tiny grilled cebu chorizo and puso (rice wrapped ala suman sa ibus).

i better offer some eggs to sta. clara to be safe.

and to april – welcome, aboard.


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