Coron: Predep

When in Coron…

After asian spirit called me at noon on friday that the plane for busuanga met some mechanical problems, it was an “uh-oh” moment for me. i had to smile and blurt out loud, “what else is new?” wala ngang storm signal but here it is again. another entry to add on my list of “reasons why i should not plan a vacation 3 months earlier.”

i had to inform owen, the organizer of the diycoron tour, that we couldn’t join the group. just when i was fully prep with all the gizmos i acquired for this trip, hmp! he was too accommodating that he even fed us information where we can secure the fastest flight for busuanga. to end the predep story short, we got hold of an early morning flight c/o asian spirirt on sunday. we were at the airport as early as 4AM. yep, that excited plus the bad experience during the boracay vacay in march, we really tried to wake up early and commute for the old domestic airport. my golly, the airport was uber quiet with the transfer of cebu pacific to naia terminal 3. it was like a ghost town with empty seats in the departure area.

(Old domestic at 4AM; The bored look)

and then, it was announced that our flight to busuanga was on hold. looks like we’re not that lucky. probably, the sky cleared after an hour since it was announced that we are boarding in so-so minutes! yippee! time to celebrate that we are actually leaving manila for busuanga. the trip was uneventful since i slept most of the time. and in a few minutes, i can see patches of small islands when i looked outside the window. OMG…this is it! as we scrambled with the ahjussis and ahjummas and fellow pinoys for our tiny bags, we can’t believe that we arrived in palawan safe and sound given that it was a pretty turbulent ride up there. we learned that it was raining in the island since saturday.

since we dunno a soul in busuanga…even where to get a jeep to take us to coron town – we lined up on a jeep which we thought is a puj. maybe shirl and i don’t look like we can afford club paradise that the manong on the other jeep called us that his jeep is going to the town. it was a bumpy ride. make that a 30 minute rough ride to coron town. kulang na lang magkapalitan ng mukha with fellow passengers. but the future seemed bright. there is an ongoing road construction that will pave the way for a smooth ride from coron town to busuanga airport and vice versa.

View from the top

the road so far
we got off at coastal road and met richel who is owen’s contact. richel takes care of patrik’s guesthouse (our lodging place for our overnight stay). we decided to take the coron island tour—more like island hopping – 8 sites to visit! damage was P1,800 with us paying the entrance fees to the different sites. not bad…but it could have been great if we were able to join owen’s group since 2500/head for more that 8 sites with overnight at banana island (entrance fees are included) plus free food and meeting fellow lakwatseros and lakwatseras.

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