Gearing Up: Gorillapod

It is not another Stitch plush toy, for one. Although I got hold of a new Stitch – the biggest of all my collection with blue fur and soft paws (the others had something that looks like felt paper).

It’s actually a Gorillapod that I’ve been eyeing since I read it from shopcrazy at femalenetwork last December (along with Asus eeepc) as great buys for the holiday season. Yeah, I am way behind the holiday season.

I really wanted a tripod that can fit into my not so large bag so that when kodak moment is within striking distance, I just can plop the digicam somewhere sabay pose. Yeah, I love to take photos but sometimes, I also want to be in the picture. But the Gorillapod does that and more. You can bend, flex and position it on uneven ground for a unique pic orientation

Here is a sample of what it looks like …

We’ll see if it can hang tough on limestones on our Coron trip next month.


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