Cruising at Sunset Drive

It’s been a week since our early morning lipat bahay from Pasig to Horseshoe in Santolan Road. So far, so good. Except for the missing cat last Saturday, it is a great experience at the big house. What can I ask for? There is a big oven and large ref, actual doorsteps with porch light, large windows, a bath tub and 3 bathrooms! Even the cat can use the toilet!

There is a treadmill where I can do my walk and climbs while watching all the HB MVs. That’s more than thirty minutes ogling while sweating it out. The house also has a sleepy couch. While we used to have a red sleepy couch (well, everyone who sits or tries to stretch on the couch ends up sleeping there), the owners have their version, in blue. The first night we stayed there, Shirl was surprised when she saw me sat up straight from the couch. Nakatulog eh, while watching the news.

Commuting though, is a different story. Although my travel time is cut by about 30 minutes, the pasikot-sikot route makes my world go round. And I am not a fan whenever I go home and the PUJ has to go through that market (I don’t know the name but I hate it even when Cubao-Rosario PUJ pass that way to get more passengers). It would only be my lucky night if there is no traffic or manong driver decides to pass by the not-so-long short cut.

Aside from the 2nd day Lost in West Crame story, my commutes are uneventful. Blame getting lost in Crame with riding the wrong PUJ. hehehe ~ I should have known. I love it when I alight the PUJ and walk through the large estatwas along Santolan Road. I am always greeted by Zeus, a giant eagle and all those ginormous statues. It was like welcoming me to the village. And I love it whenever I see that light yellow house with large windows on the right side of Sunset Drive.

It doesn’t matter that we are the only residents, ata, that don’t have a car.

So far, cruising in Sunset Drive is a breeze.


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